Purpose of the Association

The Forum für Zukunftsenergien is dedicated to renewable and non-renewable energies as well as the rational and economical use of energy in order to promote a secure, cost-effective power supply that conserves resources and the environment. The Forum is independent from political parties and industries. It provides a platform for interdisciplinary dialogue involving different interest groups and for the discussion of possibly conflicting points of view and opinions.

The Forum für Zukunftsenergien is a registered association. Its 250 Members include:

•    enterprises and associations in the energy sector and in industry,
•    research and service institutions,
•    scientific and socio-political organisations,
•    personalities in the fields of politics, the economy, the scientific community and the government.

The Forum für Zukunftsenergien finances its activities from membership subscriptions, the provision of services, and from project grants. The association fulfils its remit via its General Members’ Meeting, Board of Directors, Board of Trustees and management. The Forum für Zukunftsenergien offers support in developing concepts for the realisation of new ideas concerning new environment-friendly technologies and services as well as strategies for their implementation. It stages national and international conferences, meetings, seminars and workshops, and moderates in discussion circles.