Project Group Future Energies


The Project Group Future Energies is the firmly established and recognised event format for members and guests of the Forum für Zukunftsenergien (Forum for Future Energies). Its aim is to organise a professionally informed discussion on current energy policies for the electricity and thermal energy industry. Discussions are held during the run-up to parliamentary decision-making processes. The professional presentation of the different aspects of a specific topic is therefore always followed by discussions with the members of the parliamentary factions who are responsible for the particular topic. Such discussions are always practice-oriented and closely related to political, administrative and economic decision processes. Thus, the Project Group Future Energies fulfils the concrete function of a political and economic consultant.

Meetings are attended by around100, some high-ranking, representatives of the energy, political and scientific sectors. The project group’s honorary chair is Dr. Frank-Michael Baumann (CEO EnergieAgentur, North Rhine Westphalia (NRW)).